It is not BIN Document it is a Paper Eritten by Someone Who Supports the Freedom Movement of Papua

An  information was released  by Fairfax Media in Australia  saying  a document that  was said as leaking BIN document is now circulating among the Australian media. The document is containing the basic information of a number of respected figures in Papua, concerning their intellectual capability and also their weaknesses such as to drink alcohol, woman and money. The names mentioned in the document are among others Marcus Haluk (intellectual), Beny Dimara (social) and Benny Giay (religion).  

The document was said to be published around four month before Jokowi took  office as the President in Oct 2014. The Australian media said that the objective of BIN’s intelligent operation based on the document was to exploit the weakness of those figure in order them to pull out their support to The Freedom Movement of Papua and supports the Government Agenda to apply Special Autonomous Program for Papua.  

However the Australian media also published the grievances of among those Papuan figures whose names published in the so called leaking BIN document such as Marcus Haluk and of course he condemned the Indonesian government. It is clear the impact of the publication and circulation of the so called leaking BIN document is the angry attitude of those Papuan respected figures and condemning the Indonesian Government. They said the Government of Indonesia had offended them. 

This assessment is intended to conclude that the information saying that BIN document was leaking and  circulated in Australian media is a manipulation and it is psychological warfare material to discredit BIN and concurrently also the Government of Indonesia. It is believed this psychological warfare was conducted by the supporters of the Freedom Movement of Papua in Australia.

Psychological warfare material to discredit BIN

The so called the leaking BIN document and circulated among the Australian media is believed a paper written by someone as a basic information concerning Papuan respected leaders who were active to support The Freedom Movement of Papua. Accordingly it is not intelligent document because secret information at the present time is not printed out on paper but is put in a computer compacted in tiny flash disc. All of the intellectuals in the world practice it in saving their classified information.  

Some BIN officials in answering the question by Sydney Morning Herald concerning the news in Australian media on leaking BIN document had firmly said that BIN had never made such kind of document. Firmly BIN indirectly said BIN has not such kind of document, it must be written by someone else in Australia. We believe the answer of BIN officials is true, because such kind of document is not needed and to print such kind of document is stupid action and accordingly will never be done by BIN officials. 

The so called leaking BIN document in Australian media is just a scenario written  by someone or a certain group of Australian people to provoke the  bad relation between the Indonesian government and the Papuan leaders including the society of Papua. 

There is not any urgency for BIN to compose such kind of printed paper and officially published by BIN. So we tend to believe the so called leaking BIN document is a manipulation, it is just paper written by someone used as psychological warfare material to provoke Papuan people in order to become angry to the Indonesia government. 

Exposing openly the weaknesses of those Papuan respected leaders among the public is definitely to be felt as offending  both the respective leaders and also the Papuan society. 

In the information it is not mentioned what language is used in the paper and what is the classification of the paper and why it was circulated in Australia. Last but not least it is also not clear how was the process of the so called the leaking document to take place and received by Fairfax Media in Australia. Fairfax Media should be honest enough to mention who is the one who leaked the information if any.  

The issue on leaking BIN document and circulated among the Australian media and the publication of such information in Australia is not surprisingly. Everybody in general understands that there are some Australian  are the supporters of The Freedom Movement of Papua.

The Papuan respected leaders however understand that Indonesian people are mostly civilized persons which are polite and respecting others’ cultural habits and tradition including Papuan people.


It is believed the so called leaking BIN document by Australian media is not BIN’s document but a paper written by someone in Australia who supports  the Freedom Movement of Papua. It is believed the so called BIN document is a written paper to be used as a psychological warfare material to wake up the Papuan grievances to BIN and concurrently also to The Government of Indonesia.

The so called leaking BIN document,  published  by Fair Fax and Sydney Morning Herald in Australia  is a manipulation of someone in Australia who support the Papuan Separatist Movement. It is created scenario to make the worse impact to the relation between the Government of Indonesia and the Papuan society and leaders in developing Papua. 

BIN being experience intelligent organization never print out any classified material  recorded in computer to become written document which is consisting of some pieces of papers. Intelligent communication was always based on the principle of Secret, Short, Simple and Clear in transferring the information. Printing document on papers is not necessary. 

The so called   leaking BIN document circulated by a number of Australian media is a written paper composed by someone or a group of people in Australia to be used  as a psychological warfare material to discredit the Government of Indonesia and to make the Papuan people angry with Indonesia. 

BIN officials are believed supporting the Government concept to establish the better understanding between the Central Government and the people of Papua to live together within the Republic of Indonesia intensifying the dialogue and avoiding any miss understanding. The Government of Indonesia needs various leaders in Papua to support the implementation of the Special Program urgently to leave the backward situation of the social and economic condition of Papua.

Accordingly it is believed BIN  designed policy are to make the better communication between BIN and all Papuan intellectual, social and religious leaders. Insulting and offending Papuan leaders are only the creation of someone in Australia supporting the Separatist or The Freedom Movement of Papua. 

Back to the  issue on leaking BIN document in among Australian media, this document published in some Australian media is definitely liar, it is not intelligent document, but a piece of paper written by someone in Australia to discredit BIN and also to disarray  the good relation between BIN leaders and a number of Papuan leaders. ***

*) Datuak Tjumano, The writer is an Intelligent Observer. Residing in West Sumatera

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